Divorce is tough.
For both of you.

A Divorce Lien can help.

Divorce is tough.
For both of you.

A Divorce Lien can help.

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If you are getting a divorce, you will find it helpful to know about Divorce Liens.

With the home oftentimes being the divorcing couple's single largest asset, a divorce lien can avoid the usual turmoil of selling the house and splitting the money.

With a divorce lien, one party keeps the house, and the other gets a note and deed of trust (or mortgage) secured by the property. One party gets real estate and the other party gets paper.

In this arrangement, the spouse who keeps the home, often the wife, has the same familiar environment for herself and the children. The children don't have to change schools, there are no divorce relocation costs, and she retains a fair share of the equity and hope for the price of the home going up. But she also has the obligation to pay the departing spouse according to an agreed-upon schedule.

The departing spouse, often the husband, signs a deed to the house over to the wife, and in return gets a note and a deed of trust secured by the home - a divorce lien. The departing spouse can hold the note until it pays off, or he can sell it for cash. If the departing spouse has no need for immediate cash, he can accept a payoff, in many cases in about five years, or when the youngest child is eighteen. If the departing spouse does need immediate cash, he can sell the note and ordinarily receive tax-free money. This provides funding for new living quarters, help in paying attorney fees, child support, and a new start in life. If he sells the note, this financial connection to the house ends.

This win-win scenario can ease the pain of a divorce to some small degree. However, a divorce lien is not for every case. The divorcing couple's situation must meet some guidelines. First, the family must have substantial equity in their home. Second, the spouse who retains the home must be able to afford property maintenance and the payments on the first mortgage - a divorce lien is usually a second mortgage. Since a divorce lien also requires a certain minimum of cooperation between the divorcing spouses, you will recognize at the outset that some divorcing couples may not agree to this approach. When it is possible, it gives benefits to both parties that would not otherwise be available.

Every Divorce Lien is unique and has its own set of conditions and stipulations which effect its market value.

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At Wall Street Brokers, Inc., we have been helping people with Divorce Liens for over 40 years. Regardless of whether you need cash right away or if you'd rather cut financial ties with your ex-spouse, we offer fair market value quotes for your Divorce Lien, and however good or bad your relationship is with your ex-spouse, we make the whole transaction smooth and stress free.

Wall Street Brokers, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, by father and daughter team Larry L. Stevens and Lorelei Stevens. Originally located on Wall Street in Downtown Seattle (hence the name), the company later relocated to West Seattle in 2010.

Lorelei Stevens is a licensed real estate broker and Divorce Lien buyer since the 1970s. She has worked her entire adult life negotiating millions of dollars of Divorce Liens. She has taught Legal Continuing Education seminars on Divorce Liens and has written numerous articles for legal, real estate and other professional publications on the subject, including the Washington State Bar Association's Family Law Section.

Lorelei is a qualified expert witness in privately held real estate notes, including Divorce Liens.

In business for more than 40 years, we buy Divorce Liens more than any other firm.

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